Gil Shaham Talks ‘Star Wars,’ the Violin and the New York Knicks

Gil Shaham teams up with film composer John Williams
Violinist Gil Shaham comes to Chicago to perform with John Williams

An Interview with Gil Shaham

Even international violinists brighten at the mention of swashbuckling Skywalkers and soaring trumpets. But Gil Shaham knows something of the gentleman who conjured the Star Wars musical universe: it’s his friend and collaborator John Williams.

“It’s astounding how many voices he has—this incredible chameleon-like proficiency. He can write anything. …He is able to translate feelings into notes in such a masterful way.”

Mr. Shaham sat down with Noel Morris after a rehearsal with Mr. Williams and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra on Thursday. He will be performing with Williams and the CSO this weekend, including the celebrated film scores to Schindler’s List, Fiddler on the Roof and Williams’s 1976 Violin Concerto.

Hear the interview:

The pairing of John Williams and the CSO will also revisit their academy award-nominated collaboration on Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln.

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